May Garden To Do List

As the spring bulbs start to fade and herbaceous borders burst into life, it’s time to start getting ready for summer in our gardens. Most of the UK’s now past its last frost date, meaning we can start sowing and planting out our bedding depending.

There’s lots to be cracking on with in the garden, so let’s get on with our May gardener’s checklist.


  1. Sow plants directly outside as long as the frosts have passed in your area
  2. Apply fertiliser to bulbs after they’ve finished flowering
  3. Harden off plants that have been growing indoors
  4. Thin out direct sowings of hardy veg
  5. Water plants growing in greenhouses or containers regularly
  6. Train and tie sweet peas
  7. Weed borders throughout the next few months to allow your plants to grow
  8. Divide herbaceous perennials

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Cut back tender shrubs, such as fuchsias
  2. Prune out frost damage from evergreen shrubs, but be careful of nesting birds
  3. Keep watering newly planted trees and shrubs


  1. Mow your lawn when necessary, or consider taking part in ‘No Mow May’
  2. Define your lawn edges using an edger

General Jobs

  1. Continue potting on and pricking out seedlings as needed
  2. Open doors or windows of greenhouses on warmer days to increase ventilation
  3. Apply shade paint or use blinds to prevent plants in your greenhouse from overheating
  4. Dampen the floor of your greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity


That’s it for our May gardening to do list. Enjoy being outside as your garden continues to bloom!

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