Our Top 8 Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring bulbs bring us immense joy when we see them start to peak out of the ground following a lengthy winter. The initial glimpse of new life and colour in the garden in early spring sparks our anticipation for the year ahead.

Below we’ve listed our top 8 spring flowering bulbs that help bring colour to your garden early in the year.


A collection of beautiful crocus bring great colour to your garden in spring

These jewel-like flowers not only add bursts of vibrant colour but also create stunning displays when planted en masse, making them a top early spring bulb for any garden. They often appear right at the start of spring, giving your garden an early burst of colour and offering an early source of nectar to the bees.


A spring daffodil brings a great yellowy colour to your garden

Daffodils are normally the first spring bulb that comes to mind, and it’s easy to see why. Their cheerful and brightly-coloured blooms embody the feeling of spring, lightening up even the rainiest of spring days. Daffodils boast unmistakable flowers characterized by a central trumpet encircled by six petal-like tepals. Typically found in shades of yellow or white, these blooms stand tall on sturdy stems, accompanied by slender leaves.


With their wide array of colours and shapes, tulips offer endless possibilities for creating captivating spring scenes in mid-to-late spring. Even when their petals start to fall, we’ve found that the tulips offer so much colour and structure to a garden that would otherwise still be quite bare.

Their versatility extends beyond the garden, as tulips make exceptional cut flowers. Bringing the vibrant hues of spring indoors, they infuse any space with the essence of the season, adding warmth and cheer to your home.

Snakes Head Fritillary

With their bell-shaped flowers and unique checkerboard markings, these Snakes Head Fritillaries are a true treasure in our garden. I’ve recently come to appreciate these bulbs after stumbling across a few in a shaded and moist area of our front bed.

Lily of the Valley

Delicate and fragrant, Lily of the Valley not only brightens shady areas but also fills the air with an enchanting perfume, making it a beloved choice of many gardeners in spring. Its dainty white bell-shaped flowers exude a sweet scent that captivates the senses.


Known for their majestic flowers and powerful fragrance, hyacinths bring an air of luxury to any garden. Their vibrant colours and compact clusters of flowers make them a standout feature, attracting the attention of all who encounter them.
With their charming clusters of tiny blooms, Muscari have become our favourite type of hyacinth this year. A few months ago we bought a dozen half-brown clumps from IKEA and tenderly nurtured them back to health. They’re now packing a real punch of blue colour in our garden.


Whenever I think about woodlands in spring, I always picture the enchanting sight of bluebells lining the forest floor, creating a breathtaking blue carpet beneath the trees. Offering a delicate scent, bluebells have become a staple of any English country garden, and are definitely something that we recommend every garden should have.


Revered for their architectural beauty and impressive flower heads, alliums bring structure and elegance to borders, earning them a well-deserved place as one of our favourite spring blooms.

When Should I Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs?

If we’ve got you wanting to plant some spring flowering bulbs of your own, then the best time to plant them is in early autumn as this gives them enough time to produce new roots before the ground freezes. As a general rule, we’d recommend getting your bulbs planted at least 6 to 8 weeks before the first hard frost.

If it’s getting to the end of spring bulb flowering time, then take a look at our recommendations for summer flowering bulbs to keep the colour in your garden year-round.

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