April Garden To Do List

Spring is here with beautiful spring bulbs brightening up the landscape. April normally brings quite a few rain showers along with sunny days, making it perfect growing conditions for your plants and some pesky weeds.

It’s an exciting time to start sowing outdoors, but be cautious of frost and keep tender plants indoors for protection.


  1. Sow hardy annuals and other plants directly outside in warmer areas for colourful displays in your borders
  2. Plant out annual grasses to give some structure to your borders
  3. Plant sweet peas outdoors
  4. Prick out seedlings before they become too overcrowded
  5. Water plants growing in greenhouses or containers regularly
  6. Prune slightly tender plants, such as lavender
  7. Weed borders throughout the next few months to allow your plants to grow
  8. Remove plants that failed over the winter


  1. Mow your lawn when necessary
  2. Define your lawn edges using an edger
  3. Repair lawn bumps by peeling back the turf and adding or removing the soil underneath
  4. Rake your lawn to remove debris from the year

General Jobs

  1. Pot on and prick out seedlings as needed
  2. Open doors or windows of greenhouses on warmer days to increase ventilation


That’s it for our April Garden checklist. Make sure to enjoy the fresh start of spring as you get on with enjoying your gardening jobs this month!

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