Disclosure Policy

At Our Country Garden, some of the links to products on our site are affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through them, however this does not affect the price you pay.

We only write about products we use and love. Whether we buy them ourselves, receive them as gifts, or are sent them for free by companies for review, we’ll always let you know. We only accept products for review if we believe they’re good, but we cannot guarantee a review. If we do review a product, we will provide an honest opinion on its suitability.

Please note that we do not accept sponsored posts, guest posts, infographics, or link exchanges. We also do not accept paid links that violate Google guidelines and Advertising Standards Authority rules. Any collaboration with companies will always be clearly disclosed.

Running Our Country Garden is a full-time job that requires significant resources. To keep providing free content, we rely on affiliate sales and advertising. Thank you for supporting us through your purchases.

While we strive to offer accurate and helpful gardening advice, we are not responsible for any outcomes resulting from following our tips and recommendations. Gardening can be unpredictable, and results may vary. Please use your discretion and consider your local conditions when applying any advice from Our Country Garden.

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