June Garden To Do List

The longer days and warmer temperatures make June one of my favourite months for gardening in the year. The favourable weather also means that our plants are growing incredibly quickly, so there’s always lots of work to be done!

So without further ado, let’s cover everything you’ll need to be doing in your garden this month.


  1. Sow winter bedding plants, such as Hellebores
  2. Direct sow fast-growing and late-flowering hardy annuals
  3. Plant out summer bedding plants
  4. Fill in any gaps in your herbaceous borders with fast-growing plants
  5. Thin out direct sowings of hardy veg
  6. Water plants growing in greenhouses or containers regularly
  7. Weed borders throughout the next few months

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Prune your magnolia if you have one
  2. Keep watering newly planted trees and shrubs
  3. Thin out new shoots on trees and hedges that were pruned in winter to stimulate better growth

General Jobs

  1. Continue potting on and pricking out seedlings as needed
  2. Open doors or windows of greenhouses on warmer days to increase ventilation
  3. Apply shade paint or use blinds to prevent plants in your greenhouse from overheating
  4. Dampen the floor of your greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity
  5. Mow your lawn often


That’s it for our June Garden checklist. Make sure you take some time in between these jobs to really enjoy your hard work in the garden over the last few months.

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