January Garden To Do List

While we’re still in winter and not much is growing in our gardens, it’s a great time to start planning for the year ahead and preparing our spaces for the rush of spring that’s around the corner.

It’s also important to check up on any stakes, ties, and supports that you’ve used to protect against the winter weather to make sure they’re providing the relevant protection.


  1. Sow early seeds in a heated greenhouse or propagator
  2. Sow frost-needed seeds like native trees, shrubs, and alpine plants
  3. Pot on earlier-sown sweet peas, taking care not to disturb the roots
  4. Plant lily bulbs in pots or borders during milder weather
  5. Lift and divide herbaceous perennials to rejuvenate or increase stocks
  6. Clear winter debris and leaves from borders and prepare weedy beds for spring mulching
  7. Inspect stored tubers for signs of drying out and prevent dampness without letting them become bone dry
  8. Check stored bulbs for signs of rot and be vigilant against diseases that can overwinter in the soil or on plant debris

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Sew berrying trees and shrubs seeds
  2. Take cuttings of ornamental shrubs and deciduous clubers
  3. Plant roses, avoiding areas where roses were previously grown to prevent disease spread
  4. Plant bare-root hedging and trees, using stakes to prevent damage to the rootball
  5. Move established trees and shrubs during unfrozen, non-waterlogged periods
  6. Check and adjust tree ties and stakes on existing trees
  7. Remove snow from conifers, climbers, and light-limbed shrubs to prevent damage
  8. Weed around the bases of young trees
  9. Prune deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges


That’s it for our January Garden checklist. Make sure to wrap up warm and enjoy the rest before things start to get busy in the spring.

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