November Garden To Do List

As we head into November, the garden undergoes a remarkable transformation, from the vibrant hues of autumn to the subtle tones of winter. With this change in season, comes a lot of jobs for us to be getting on with, from moving tender plants indoors to making sure that our garden wildlife has a place to stay.


  1. Sow spring bedding plants and wallflowers for next spring
  2. Plant winter bedding such as pansies, violas, and bellis
  3. Trim and divide herbaceous perennials unless you’re leaving them for structure or habitats
  4. Bring tender plants indoors or into the greenhouse for winter
  5. Mulch borders to protect plants and bulbs from the frost
  6. Tidy leaves and put them on the compost
  7. Keep on top of weeds, as they may still grow during milder weather

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Plant or move shrubs now for quick growth next spring
  2. Plant bare-root shrubs and roses
  3. Start pruning non-evergreen shrubs and trees
  4. Check stakes and tree-ties before the winds begin to pick up

General Jobs

  1. Remove excessive leaves from ponds
  2. Check plants you bring into your greenhouse for winter for pests
  3. Mow your lawn less frequently and on a high setting to help it best survive the coming months
  4. Apply autumn lawn feed
  5. Service your lawnmower and any other tools before the start of next year
  6. Clean and sharpen pruning tools


That’s it for our November Garden checklist.

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