December Garden To Do List

As December unfolds, most of the gardening jobs have been done for the year. Largely, December is a time for pruning trees and planning for the next year of gardening. So let’s buckle up and see our jobs for the month!


  1. Check on tender plants to make sure their winter protection is in place
  2. Start planning which seeds and plants you’d like for your borders for next year

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Check stakes and tree-ties as the winds pick up
  2. Mulch newly planted trees or shrubs to help the roots to survive during the frosts

General Jobs

  1. Use air pumps, floats, pond heaters or hot saucepans to keep ponds from freezing over
  2. Service your lawnmower and any other tools before the start of next year
  3. Clean and sharpen pruning tools
  4. Keep bird feeders topped up for your garden wildlife


That’s it for our December Garden checklist. Enjoy the quiet season in gardening as we await the start of the new year and a fresh year of gardening!

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