October Garden To Do List

Now that the sunny days of summer have left us, there’s still lots to do and enjoy in our gardens, from admiring the beautiful leaves on the trees to cosying up with a hot chocolate around a fire (my personal favourite). There’s also quite a bit to get on with for preparing our gardens for the winter ahead, so without further ado, let’s get into our October garden checklist.


  1. Sow spring bedding plants and wallflowers for next spring
  2. Plant hardy annuals outside if you live in a mild area
  3. Plant spring-flowering bulbs for next year
  4. Take cuttings and collect seeds from plants for next year
  5. Trim and divide herbaceous perennials
  6. Leave grass blooms for winter interest
  7. Bring tender plants indoors or into the greenhouse for winter

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Plant or move shrubs now for quick growth next spring
  2. Take hardwood cuttings
  3. Gather berries and fruits from the trees
  4. Collect fallen leaves and put on to the compost heap

General Jobs

  1. Remove excessive leaves from ponds
  2. Check plants you bring into your greenhouse for winter for pests
  3. Mow your lawn less frequently and on a high setting to help it best survive the coming months
  4. Apply autumn lawn feed
  5. Service your lawnmower and any other tools before the start of next year


That’s it for our October Garden checklist.

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