July Gardening To Do List

July is typically one of the hottest months of the year, offering the perfect opportunity to relax and appreciate your garden with a barbeque and friends. Regular deadheading and watering keep plants in top form, extending the blooming season.


  1. Feed and trim hanging baskets to keep them flowering
  2. Plant autumn-flowering bulbs such as autumn crocus or Sternbergia
  3. Stake tall plants to keep them looking beautiful
  4. Keep on top of watering in drought to keep your borders healthy
  5. Take cuttings and collect seeds from plants for next year
  6. Collect cut flowers for indoors

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Prune June-flowering shrubs after they’ve bloomed
  2. Keep watering newly planted trees and shrubs
  3. Thin out fast-growing hedges

General Jobs

  1. Top up ponds using natural water
  2. Open doors or windows of greenhouses on warmer days to increase ventilation
  3. Dampen the floor of your greenhouse on hot days to increase humidity
  4. Mow your lawn frequently but lightly to best preserve it during hot weather


That’s it for our July Garden checklist. So let’s get out there and enjoy the sun, I know we will be!

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