Our Top 5 Summer Bulbs

At the end of spring, it’s easy to think that the season of bulbs has finished for the year. But the truth is, there’s a whole world of bulbous beauties waiting to grace our gardens throughout the summer months as well.

These summer-flowering bulbs and tubers are like little bursts of sunshine, giving vibrant colours and fragrances into our gardens from late spring all the way through into autumn. So as our spring bulbs start to fade, let’s get planting our top 5 summer bulbs.


Alliums, encompassing edible varieties like onions, leeks, and garlic, also boast striking flowering types. Their ornamental variants add flair to any garden, displaying vibrant flowerheads in blue, purple, white, and pink hues from spring to early summer. Not only do they look great in your garden, these bulbs are excellent for cutting and drying.

Alliums, as bulbous perennials, thrive for up to four years, providing weeks of blooms adored by bees. Planted en masse, their pompom flowers create stunning displays, bridging the seasonal transition from spring to summer.


Begonias are versatile plants, thriving anywhere you’d like them, from containers to hanging baskets and bedding schemes. They continue to flower from summer until the first frosts, making them a great low-maintenance option for long lasting colour in your garden. With just a few plants, you can enjoy a burst of colour and visual interest all season long.

Bearded Iris

The bearded iris is another great summer bulb with its exquisite flax-blue flowers, light fragrance and ruffled petals throughout May and June. Its tall stature and distinctive sword-shaped leaves bring elegance to any sunny, well-drained borders of cottage gardens.


Dahlias are one of our top 5 summer bulbs due to their unmatched ability to provide a dazzling display from summer through autumn. They seamlessly complement late-flowering companions like salvias and grasses, enhancing late-season borders.

Whether as colourful additions to summer containers or prolific sources of cut flowers when grown in rows, dahlias are cherished for their bold, exotic blooms that persist from late summer well into autumn, enduring until the arrival of the first frosts.


Ranunculus stands out as one of the top summer bulbs due to its versatile forms and vibrant colours.

With bowl-shaped flowers, we’ve found that they add elegance and intrigue to borders and containers. While some varieties require specialised care, they reward with lush foliage and stunning rose-clustered blooms from spring to early summer. Their wide range of colours and shapes make them ideal for beds, borders, or patio containers, with the added bonus of long-lasting cut flowers that retain their beauty for weeks.


So there we have it, the best summer bulbs for your garden. If you enjoy looking at your summer bulb flowers, you might be interested in our favourite bulbs to plant for a great spring display. Otherwise, have a look at our favourite flowering perennials that you can plant on a balcony.

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