Top 5 Plants For Sunny Balconies

For those of us who want to create green oases on our sunny balconies, it can be tricky to know which plants to pick. Unlike with shady balconies where there are a limited range of options, there are so many more plants which can thrive on sunny balconies, making it much harder to wade through the options and know which plants that are suitable to your space.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to recommend our top 5 sun loving balcony plants to help get the ball rolling on your decision.


Known for being used in hanging baskets, petunias are another great addition to any sunny balcony. With delicate petals that come in a wide variety of colours, they’re an incredibly versatile plant that can be combined with other plants in your planters to create a beautiful display.


These Mediterranean favourites are loved for their vibrant blooms and versatile nature. They require very minimal care to keep them looking good – simply dead-head the flowers whenever they start to fade and keep them well watered.


Begonias are beautiful plants that are known for their stunning foliage and prolific blooms, making them an incredibly popular choice for sunny balconies. Their wide range of colours, textures, and growth habits mean that you can choose the right style to suit your space perfectly.

If you do choose a begonia, or any other plant for your balcony garden, make sure you choose the correct pot to ensure that your plant thrives in the space.


Bringing bursts of colour to any space, bougainvilleas are great additions to your urban balcony. These hardy climbers thrive in warm and sunny spots, so make sure to keep them out of the frosts when it gets to winter.


Continuing our theme of recommending plants beginning with a B, buddlejas are another great addition to your sunny balcony. Not only does a neatly trimmed buddleja look great on any balcony, but it also produces nectar-rich flowers which are great for encouraging pollinators into your space.


So there are our top 5 plants for any sunny balcony garden to give you some inspiration for your planting. We’d recommend combining these plants with some of our shade-loving balcony plants to cover your entire balcony space in foliage.

Alternatively, have a look at 5 more flowers we’d recommend for your balcony.

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