7 Creative Vertical Garden Ideas For Your Balcony

No matter what size your balcony is, vertical gardening is a great way to maximise your growing space and brighten up your space. Vertical gardens can accommodate most types of plants including annuals, perennials, and shrubs, offering endless possibilities.

While we have covered our experience of choosing the right pots for a balcony garden here, this article will get you inspired with 7 of the most creative vertical garden pots that will elevate any urban garden space.

Vertical Garden Ideas

Garden Tower

This special pot, called a garden tower, allows you to grow up to 50 plants in 4 ft of space, making it ideal if you’re looking to make the most of the space that you have.

My parents have a smaller version of these in their garden for growing sweet peas, and they absolutely love how full it looks when all of the plants are fully grown.

Tin Can Fence

Transform old tin cans into charming vertical planters! Paint them and hang them on your fence or wall for some DIY vertical planting

Pallet Planter

If you’ve been doing any DIY around the house like we have lately, then chances are you’ve got a wooden pallet lying around. And if not, you can easily find them for free or really cheap on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Placed upright, these pallets can be the ideal place to grow plants through the slats, not only making use of your space, but also giving you a nice industrial look in your balcony garden.

Ladder Planter

When we moved into our home, we found an old wooden painter’s ladder. While it was a bit too rickety to be used as an actual ladder, it did spark the idea of repurposing it into a vertical garden.

Rather than chucking it out, consider giving new life to your old ladder as a vertical garden planter. We especially like this look for plants with long droopy stems as they really give some length to the planter.

Trellis Planters

If mounting your vertical garden on a wall or fence isn’t an option, consider using a trellis instead! Crisscrossed or square-patterned trellises are ideal for supporting climbing plants, pots, or hanging baskets.

DIY Wooden Boxes

If using pallets in their full form doesn’t appeal to you, how about creating a small box for planting instead? This project took me about 30 minutes per box and only needed a pallet and a few screws!

It’s a really good-looking, versatile box that can be used either as a seed tray or as a vertical planter for your urban balcony.

Gutter Planter

Instead of regular plant pots, try repurposing old gutters. You can mount them on a wall with guttering brackets or set them up on a sturdy stand.

Make sure to tilt them slightly for better watering, and don’t forget to poke drainage holes in the bottom for proper water flow.


Now we’ve covered our 7 creative vertical garden ideas for your balcony. Before planting, make sure that your container is right for your plant, and happy gardening!

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