Top 5 Flowering Plants For Your Balcony Garden

If you’re living somewhere with only a small balcony, like we were a few years ago, you don’t need to be without colour in your outdoor space. Balconies, though small, can be transformed into vibrant spaces with the right choice of flowers.

Here’s our list of the top 5 flowering plants that can brighten up your urban balcony garden.

Busy Lizzies (Impatiens)

Bussy lizzies are a beautiful flowering, compact plant that brings colour into your urban garden throughout summer and autumn and into the first frost of the year. You can get them in a wide variety of colours, including pinks, oranges, reds, purples, and some pastels, which means that you’ll be able to find a plant that suits your colour scheme.

We love this plant as it provides a great array of colour throughout most of the time that you’re on your balcony and they need very minimal care – just the odd water every few days. We’ve found that growing busy lizzies from seed can be tricky, so we’d recommend that you buy them as plug plants in early spring, or as fully-grown plants later in the year.


If you’re looking for a plant to give you a great scent as well as beautiful blooms, then maybe a begonia is for you!

Begonias flower from June until the first frost and provide a beautiful, eye-catching flower and a delicate fragrance to go with it. They’re also really easy to care for, making them ideal if you want a simple plant that gives a lot more than it needs in your space.

We’d recommend trying to find a Begonia ‘Fragrant Fountains’ at your local garden centre due to their delicate smell and petals.


With their striking colours and patterns, we’d highly recommend that you add pansies to you urban garden. Plant them in hanging baskets or small pots, and watch as their colourful petals brighten up your space.

Monkey Flowers (Mimulus)

With its monkey-like flowers, Mimulus will certainly attract your attention and be worth a spot in your balcony garden.

They’re incredibly low-maintenance meaning that they’re perfect for busy urbanites looking to add beauty without the hassle. Plus, their ability to attract pollinators ensures a thriving ecosystem right outside your door, making your balcony garden beneficial to the environment as well!


While geraniums prefer to be in sunlight for most of the day, they can still thrive on shadier balconies. With their wide variety of colours and easy care requirements, they’re a top choice for adding a touch of classic beauty to our balconies.


Adding some colourful flowers to your urban balcony garden is much easier than you think, even if you have limited sunlight! By choosing the right flowers like impatiens, begonias and pansies you can create a beautiful garden retreat no matter how much space you have available.

If you’re considering buying some flowers for your garden, then check out our top tips for choosing the best pots to help your plants thrive. Alternatively, if you’re interested in vertical gardening, have a look at our creative vertical gardening ideas for your urban space.

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